Diploma in Healthcare Management

Course Overview

This project is focused on the necessity of education for Healthcare Service workforce arising from their unique employment gaps which includes, among other things, Healthcare services and provision and maintenance of facility and security as matter of national healthcare security. To be successful at these tasks, sector workforce members need to be skilled and intellectually agile to out-think their services users adversary and to be able to work with allies and increasingly other sector specialist in their healthcare services provisioned. Additionally, the necessity of education inheres in the need as government consultation has put it: To prepare our young generation through armed forces discipline and personnel training for missions across the full spectrum of conflict, ranging from deterrence at the high end to peace keeping and enforcement at the low end.


Project Background

As part of the revised and improved Health and Social care program, we offer a comprehensive qualification, designed to equip different learning needs and providing cover across sectors within the industry. The qualifications, includes a range of units from Leadership and Management in Health & Social Care, to auxiliary Nursing and Pharmacy Services and have been developed with the support of industry experts and regulators to ensure they support the needs to today’s employers.



At the end of each semester and project year, project Staff will review the survey data and the lecturer and officers training to evaluate the successes and the challenges of the program. The results of this evaluation will be incorporated into the planning for the next round of training and Training program development and delivery.

Course Units


*Credit value= 70 **Guided learning hours. 185 GLHs

Unit Code Unit Title Level CV*
EIC/401/FHA Fundamentals of Healthcare Administration 4 7
EIC/402/PfDE Preparing for and Dealing with Emergencies 4 10
EIC/603/FSC Fundamental Skills in Care-giving 4 8
EIC/404/OB Organizational Behaviour 4 9
EIC/405/CIS Communication and Interpersonal Skills 4 6
EIC/406/MHIS Managing Health Care Information Systems 4 7
EIC/407/HRHD Human Resources for Health Care Delivery 4 6
EIC/408/HHCA Home Health Care Administration 4 9
EIC/409/NI Nursing Informatics 4 8

Entry key and information

Awards Professional Diploma
Mode of Study Full Time
Duration 12 months
Location To be announced

Entry Requirements:

This qualification is designed for learners who are typically aged 16 and above. EIC’s policy regarding access to our qualifications is that:

  • They should be available to everyone who is capable of reaching the required standards
  • They should be free from any barriers that restrict access and progression
  • There should be equal opportunities for all those wishing to access the qualifications

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