Diploma in Maintaining Work Ethics and Confidentiality

Workplace confidentiality can be defined as keeping the employee, customer and client information private. Usually, it is seen that organisations take a number of steps to ensure that client information remains confidential but when it comes to employee information, they are not so concerned. However, this thought process needs to be changed and the employers need to understand its importance. Only then can they expect their staff to treat client and customer information with care.

The objective of the course is to:

  • Understand a working definition of business ethics and apply to everyday situations
  • Know the different kinds of workplace ethical dilemmas and identify their sources
  • Develop a problem-solving approach to ethics problems
  • Understand the role that the conscience plays in human character and moral decision-making
  • Know the keys and principles to become an ethically balanced person, Know how to approach and solve a situational ethical dilemma
  • Know how to solve a critical dilemma and to Learn ethical tests and strategies to help solve problems.

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