Our Partners

Dr. Khalid Abdullah Wazir

Dr. Khalid Abdullah Wazir is the Managing Director of Edraak Training and Consultancy. He finieshed his PhD in Engineering Management in Capitol University, Seattle, Washington, USA. He also holds MBA in Sports Management from Druker Institute, USA.  

Edraak Training & Consultancy (“Edraak”), a highly specialized and professional firm which provides the services such as all sorts of sports training, corporate and management consultancy, legal consultancy and financial consultancy. Edraak is in pursuit of excellence, leadership, lodges a privileged position and remarkable reputation in the market due to its professionalism, experience, timely services and also due to its extremely competitive prices. Edraak has strategic and experienced associations with local as well as foreign partners, with immense experience of working in the U.A.E and in the Middle East. Setting standards that achieve outstanding results and maintaining them is the core of Edraak’s strategy. Edraak has been established to set these standards and provide these standards to each industry within the Middle East.

Hassanein Moheb

Hasannein Moheb is an EXPERT Of International Civil Aviation Organization in the field of security training and airports security. He is a Member of the International Civil Aviation Organization security team and has extensive overseas training experience. He has provided professional training and helped to improve practical skills in the field of civil aviation to many organizations As Certified Trainer inside and outside Egypt for instance but not limited to, Egyptian Police Academy, Egyptian Aviation Academy, The Arab committee of civil aviation – Morocco, Royal Jordanian Air Academy and has created successful programs in the United Arab of Emirates regarding aviation security training. He is a lecturer of Aviation Courses provided by Ace International Education, which is a partner of EIC.

Ace International Education is partner of Elegant International College in United Kingdom which is an educational centre for academic and professional development in west London. EIC and Ace International Education aim at helping both students and organisations succeed in today´s highly competitive world using tailored language and other creative courses while delivering the best learning experience for its students.

Allan Gardner

Provide pre-certification training for SPHRi, PHRi, PHR, SPHR and CHRM programs as well as numerous specialized Human Resource topical subjects throughout the EMEA region through several professional training organizations.

Conduct change management training and employee communication processes to define and cascade business strategies throughout the organization and insure the successful comprehension, acceptance and alignment of strategic initiatives that are dedicated to effective retention, development and engagement of human capital and ultimately, successful business execution.

Adjunct faculty professor providing selected MBA course curriculum for the Chifley Business School at Torrens University of Australia, Swiss Business School, Zurich, Switzerland, and Geneva Business School, Geneva, Switzerland, conducting programs in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia campuses.  Courses include, Human Resource Management, Management Perspectives, Managerial Communication and Negotiations, Business Values and Ethics, Leadership, Strategic Management, and Organizational Behavior.

Consistently receive excellent evaluations and feedback from MBA students across all venues.

Provide expert HR pre-certification programs throughout the EMEA region for globally recognized Human Resource Certification Institute HR certifications (PHR, SPHR, GPHR, PHRi and SPHRi) targeting specialized training for HR professionals preparing for their certification exams. Topical HR programs include pre-certification Certified Human Resource Manager (CHRM), Talent Management, Strategic Management, Performance Management, Compensation and Benefits, Human Resource Management Fundamentals, Recruitment and Selection, HR as a Strategic Partner, HR Skills for non-HR Professionals and other Human Resource customized programs.

Hassanein Noun

Hassanein Noun is the director of Future Leaders for Consultancy and Human Resource Development. They are based in Al Ain, UAE. He is an instructor and lecturer of Administrative Session Human Resources. Future Leaders for Consultancy and Human Resource Development promotes the Academic programmes to international students and will provide teaching and academic support and introduce those students to EIC.

Ahmed Khalaf

Ahmed Khalaf currently works at Edraak Training and Consultancy as an Administrator / Training Manager for Training companies contracted on international training projects for the Abu Dhabi Police and other government entities. He have been contracted to over 500 courses during the past 18 months. Previously, he was as a senior accountant in different industries. And currently he is working on his PHD in Human recourses.